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What to expect in a massage session

A massage session includes talking before and after the massage and a few minutes rest on your own. I mostly use TouchLife massage in my practice. >However as the provide special benefits for particular client groups, I have also included three ayurvedic massages and my very own energy massage in the program of my practice. At the beginning of a TouchLife massage we agree on what of your body requires attention.
- back
- shoulder – neck
- legs – feet
- arms
- stomach – thorax
- or a combination of several areas

During the massage, you will be focus of my undivided attention, paying close attention to you needs and wishes.
At the end, we again talk about your needs and experiences that you will be able to rest for a few minutes on your own. Please allow an additional 10 minutes to the time taken for the massage. .

Why not give a massage as a gift!

You can purchase gift vouchers for any massage services offered in my practice.
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